Two paratriathletes will compete

With Lars Hoffmann from Weinböhla and Steve Martin from Hainichen, two paratriathletes will start this year.

Lars joins the KnappenMan for the first time. At the XXL distance, he takes on, with his handbike, the cycling part in his relay team “Wings for Life”.
His achievements as a hand biker: 2nd place German Championship 2018, 2nd place New York Marathon 2017, 3rd place German Championship 2017, Champion of the EHC Series 2015 (European Championship)
Steve will compete the distance alone, just like last year. Steve is making his fourth solo debut with the KnappenMan. He starts for the BPRSV Cottbus. As in the past year, the takes on the XL distance.
His sporting achievements: 2016 & 2017 KnappenMan-M, 2018 KnappenMan-XL. In addition, as a hand biker several marathons, among others in Berlin, Heidelberg, Franconias Switzerland and half-marathons in Leipzig and Mondsee-Austria.