Due to the constant changes associated with Corona Covid-19, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to maintain the English edition of KappenMan.
We ask for your understanding. Please use this year the German, daily updated edition of the KnappenMan Triathlon.

FAQ – around competition and registration

Here you can find all answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the competition and your registration for the Sparkassen KnappenMan.




Caravan Dreiweibern
On the lake at the Dreiweiberner See (At the beach Weißkollm 1, 02999 Lohsa) there is not only the beach and Bararea but also a Caravanparadies, which was inaugurated in 2009. The caravan sites – ALL with uninterrupted views of the lake!

More overnight on request by mail.

For the competitions KnappenMan XXL and XL there will be a bicycle service from our partner BikePoint Wiesner on the cycling track. In case your bicycle is defective you can use that help.


Closing date is on 9th August 2020, 11:59pm. But the online registration will be open untill 28th August, but all athletes, who will registrate after the closing date don´t get a personalized starting number.

The DTU -Sportordnung takes affect. She will be covert on the competition days. You have to follow the instructions of all volonteers and stuff. On all racing tracks driving in the slipstream is prohibited. During the check in we will controll the maximum bicycle translation for all Youth A and B athletes. The operator reserves the right to interrupt, cancel or reduce the distances (for swimming, running and cycling), due to bad wheater conditions or other unpredictable reasons.

Camping- und Caravanparadies Dreiweiberner See
Am Strand Weißkollm 1
02999 Lohsa



The Medic will be covered through a doctor in the start/finish-are and along the track. Besides that, the DRK Wasserwacht Hoyerswerda will be on side.
All service points are a venue for all injuries and surrenders.

Rating / award ceremony per competition

– total single (m / w) place 1 to 3 / season place 1 to 3

– Special rankings “Gentleman” and “DreiWeiber” 1st place in the competitions KnappenMan M and KnappenMan S

Please use the registration portal for every registration. We don´t accept informal registrations via fax, mail or e-mail. It´s up to the organiser to issue a suspension due to any reasons.

Registration Changes are possible untill 28th August 2020 via e-mail (subject: Registration Changes) and after that just on side. For every changes there will be a processing fee of 10,- €. It will paid by direct debit procedure or with cash on side. With the registration change from a short to a longer distance, you have to pay the difference between both starting fees. With the regstration change from a longer to a shorter distance, you want get the difference between both starting fees back.

For a relay team, at least two participants have to take part.

The swimming will be hold in the Dreiweiberner See. At competitions with more two rounds there will be a small shore leave.

The cycling course reaches from the transition zone over the S108/K9218 towards Burg and the Scheibesee and back. During the competitions XXL and XL the Scheibesee will circuited in every round. The cycling course is fully barred for traffic. Danger areas are the driveway to the Scheibesee and the turnaround loop with the crowd on the event area. These areas will be seperately marked. The course will be flat but prone to be windy.

The running course consits of a circuit along the sea.

You can find the detailed schedule for all competition days right here soon.

The JRB. Finanz AG and the Hanse Merkur Reiseversicherung AG are giving you the possibility to conclude a start place resignation insurance. (ticket resignation insurance)

more information

For the distances KnappenMan XXL, XL and M (only single starters) you need a license. If you don´t have a license (foreign passes will be accepted) you have to buy a daily license during the registration. 

The licenses will be controlled during the collection of your start documents.

Please use our starting position exchange. 


XXL-Long Distance
swimming 2.5 Hours; Change cycle/run up to 10 Hours, End 15 Hours.

XL-Half Distance
swimming 1.25 Hours; Change cycle/run up to 5 Hours, End 8 Hours.


The time measurement will be done electronically with a transponder, which will be integrated in the start number and the start band. You will get these together will all your start documents. The usage of an own transponder or chip is not possible.