KnappenMan – the fast triathlon in Lusatia
XL – Halfdistance

Due to the constant changes associated with Corona Covid-19, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to maintain the English edition of KappenMan.
We ask for your understanding. Please use this year the German, daily updated edition of the KnappenMan Triathlon.



Distance: 1,9 km (1 round á 1,9 km)

Timelimit: 1,25 h

Relay age: 14 Years

Singe age: 18 Years


Distance: 90 km (3 rounds á 30 km)

Timelimit: change bike/run bis 5 h

Relay age: 17 Years

Singe age: 18 Years


Distance: 21 km (2 rounds á 10,5 km)

Timelimit: finish 8 h

Relay age: 16 Years

Singe age: 18 Years

Important instructions

Issue of start documents
Friday, from 5:30 till 7:30 pm and from 5:30 am in the registration tent on the event area.

Saturday, from 9:00 till 10:30 am.

Competition instruction
Friday, 7pm – boathouse on the event area.

Start time
11:00 am single, 11:05 relay

swimming – water after distance
cycling – every 30km + own catering
running – every 2,5 km; own catering is only possible on service point 1
the points for own catering will be seperated marked.
offer: Dextro-gel, coke, water, ISO, fruits and cake