Greetings from the mayor of Lohsa

Dear athletes, triahtlon friends, guests from far and wide, as the Scottish philosopher and historian Thomas Carlyle said – “Perseverance is concentrated patience”. Perseverance will you, dear participants of the 27th KnappenMan thriathlon bring along. Along these lines, I would like to warmly welcome you to the traditional Knappenman on the Dreiweiberner lake in the municipality Lohsa. The KnappenMan is an important sporting highlight for our region and fits perfectly into the region with it´s many lakes as well as cycling and running tracks. Thanks to the great attractiveness of these competitions as well as the constant commitment of the Sports Federation Lausitzer Seendland, the event has become not only a secured place in the sporting calendar, but also made a nationwide name. The great success and the positive response of the past few years have motivated us to want to stick to this tradition and even to improve the quality of this sporting event. With the quality grade of the Ironman distance, it becomes increasingly more interesting, not only for national but also for international participants. This makes it possible to connect with and through sport people and cultures. Thriathlon – that´s a synonym for the combination of three popular sports – swimming, cycling and running. It´s an endurance sport, that can be done by everybody in different streams and distances. A sport, who is close to the nature and ecofriendly and of course a good possibility to check out the own power limit. More and more bystanders are fascinated by the triathlon. Thereby it´s the mix of swimming, cycling and running, which made the competition so exciting.  And it´s the mixture of an extremly burden and the speed of the athlets, which come across with the high interest and the tribute of all viewers. Also our wide field of participants, from freetime triathlets to prefessionals, will inspire the viewers in this year. The sophisticated combination of the various disciplines of swimming, running and cycling creates a fascinating atmosphere and is perhaps an inducement for many to meet the specific requirements of this sport and to belong to the great family of triathletes. A long time ago it has spread among tiathlets, that the Knappenman offers the best conditions by its perfect organization and its venues. My thank goes out to all the volunteers and the hard-working org crew, who are involved in the preparation of this great event; just as the sponsors, because without volunteers and supporters such an event wouldn´t be possible. We are proud, that we can show you such an amazing point of view, which can attract so many fans, visitors and even citizens to the track. Every sports man is invited to the Dreiweiberner lake on the last weekend in august 2015. We attempt satisfactory circumstances. I wish that all participans from far and wide will have a good preparatorytime as well as good weather conditions for a successful competition. I wish that all fans, visitors and guests of the region will see exiting and thrilling competitions. best regards, Your Udo Witschas, MBA Mayor

Liebe Triathleten,

leider ändern sich die Dinge manchmal relativ schnell und kurzfristig.
In den letzten eineinhalb Jahren wurden Teilbereiche des Sports in
Hoyerswerda auf den Prüfstand gestellt – mit drastischen Konsequenzen für
uns als Sportbund Lausitzer Seenland – Hoyerswerda e.V., dem Ausrichter des
schnellen Triathlons im Lausitzer Seenland.

Kurzum wir müssen den 34. Sparkassen KnappenMan leider absagen.

Die bereits geleistete Teilnehmergebühr wird euch selbstverständlich zu 100%
erstattet. Für besondere Anliegen wendet euch bitte direkt an uns.
Wir sind unendlich traurig darüber, dass wir die Pandemie überstanden haben
und uns nun andere Gründe zu einer Absage zwingen.
Danken möchten wir allen Sponsoren, Partnern, Unterstützern, Helfern und
Teilnehmern sowie der Gemeinde Lohsa und des Landkreises Bautzen für 33
wundervolle Jahre.

Das Präsidium des Sportbundes Lausitzer Seenland – Hoyerswerda e.V.