24+25August 2019



Competition Location

25th /26th august 2018 - Lohsa, Dreiweiberner See, Beach Weißkollm 
event area


Camping- and caravanparadise Dreiweiberner See, Am Strand Weißkollm 1, 02999 Lohsa

Please schedule for your journey enough time. The state road S108 will be closed temporarily, because of the cycling events.

At the following times a trip to and from the camping- and caravanparadise is not possible!

Saturday from 6am until approx. 4:30pm
Sunday from 7am until approx. 4:45pm

Temporary passaging times at Sunday (with reservations):
between 10:15am and 11am / between 12:15pm and 12:30pm / between 2pm and 2:30pm 
Please follow the instructions of the stewards on side.

journey   parking

Full Closure S108 / Parking

On both days of the weekend the State street S108 between the Town exit Lohsa and the access to the Dreiweiberner Lake could be used as parking space between 7am and 6pm for all triathlon participants.

At the following times these streets will be full closed:

Saturday, 25.08.  
7:45am until approx. 4:30pm Full closure of State street S108 from the access to the Dreiweiberner Lake to the town Weißkollm and the exit Tiegling to the district street 9218 until the town entry of Burg including the Scheibesee!
Sunday, 26.08.  
9am until approx. 10:15am S108 from the access to the Dreiweiberner Lake, across Weißkollm until the exit Tiegling to the district street 9218 and the company area Swanenberg
11am until approx. 12:15pm S108 from the access Dreiweiberner Lake, across Weißkollm until the exit Tiegling to the district street 9218 and the company area Swanenberg
12:30pm until approx. 2pm S108 from the access to the Dreiweiberner Lake, across Weißkollm
2:30pm until 5pm S108 from the access to the Dreiweiberner Lake, across Weißkollm until the exit Tiegling to the district street 9218 and the company area Swanenberg

The use of the streets between Riegel, Tiegling and Burg towards Lohsa and back is possible at the following times:

  • Saturday, 25th August 2018: before 7:45am and after 4:40pm
  • Sunday, 26th August 2018: before 9am / between 10:15am and 11am / between 12:15pm and 12:30pm /between 2pm and 2:30pm /after 5pm

Residents can cross the S108 in the near of the old school street in Weißkollm towards the street to Knappenrode. Please follow the instructions of the stewards on side.

The Route along the Dreiweiberner Lake will be a competition course. We request, as host, a special attention for the benefit of the athletes and visitors. Especially the cycling and skating won't be allowed throughout the weekend.

The closing times are under reservation. Update: 1st August 2018

Conditions of Participation, Competition Rules

The rules and regulations of the DTU (German Triathlon Union) are in fulll force. You can have a Look at the rules on the competition weekend. You have to follow the rules and instructions of the hosts and officials. Racing in the wake flow is not allowed. Participants of the Age Classes A and B we will check the maximum transmission. The host can cancel or reduce the course distance of the competition because of bad weather conditions or other different unexpectable reasons. Invitation_Disclaimer

On the KnappenMan XXL and XL the Saxony Championships take place.

Registration and Issue of Start Documents

    • You have to show:
      Registration confirmation, identity pass, starting pass (if existing), the underage agreement of the parents, for third parties an authority
    • The registration office is located at the finish area and marked with a red Ballon. Here are the opening times:
      Friday: 5:30pm untill 7:30pm
      Saturday: 5:30am untill 3pm
      Sunday: 6:30am untill 2pm
    • You will receive the starting bag with a participant clip (including a transponder), your start number, a bathing cap and stickers for your helmet and saddle. The wearing of the bathing cap is obligatory. The use of your own transponders or chips is not possible.
    • Single starters leave the chip during the measuring on the feet. Relay teams surrender the transporter in the changing zone.
    • The Late Registration is open until the 23th August 2018 under the following link (Late Registration), if the participant limit is not reached. After the 23th August a registration or re-registration is possible on side. Therefor a registration fee have to be paid immediately.
      For late registrations on side you have to fill in the following documents.
      Late Registration / Re-Registration / Disclaimer


Bycycle Service

In case of damage the participant can use the support of our Partner BikePoint Wiesner (on the XXL and XL course). Any other help from the crowd, public or others is not allowed.


Even if the roads are fully closed during the weekend, please drive mindful. Follow the instructions of Police and Security. Full closure doesn´t mean absolute safety. Emergency vehicles can cross the racing course and will have priority. You have to be aware of unexpected people on the tracks.

Note: An athlete with handicap will compete on the KnappenMan XL distance. He will race with a Handbike or a wheelchair. He will be attended during the competition and is starting off the competition.


Our ENERGY rations are from the Company DEXTRO. All Participants, who won´t use the products of Dextro can use their own energy bars or Gels.

  • Schwimming: at the end of the course we will serve water
  • Cycling: Before the turn at the KnappenMan XXL und XL you can find our catering points. You can put your own rations here. We will serve Dextro-Energy Drinks, Coke, Lichtenauer water and fruits. Participants of the XXL and XL Competition will get their Dextro-Energy Gel during the issue of the start documents. At Sunday's competitions we won't have catering points on the cycling track.
  • Running: Every 2.5 kilometer we will have a catering point. You can put your own rations at the catering point 4 (right infront of the finish line). articipants of the XXL and XL Competition will get their Dextro-Energy Gel during the issue of the start documents. We will serve Dextro-Energy Drinks, Coke, Lichtenauer water, fruits and salty snacks.
  • Finish: Cake, fruits, Lichtenauer water, Lichtenauer Sport, Freiberger Alkohol free beer and Freiberger Alkohol free beer lemon.


  • The competition meeting of the KnappenMan XXL and XL takes place on Friday, 24th August at 7pm on side. A short introduction takes place 15 minutes before the race start.
  • You can choose you places in the changing Zone by yourself. There is no order.
  • The Start Takes place on country side.
  • You can find showers in the changing zone.
  • Under "Competition" you can find detaillied information about the tracks, rules and regulations.
  • After the competition the Bildungsstätte für Medizinal- und Sozialberufe offers free massages for the participants.
  • The Age Groups Students A and B will start together. The judging will be separated.
  • During the youth competitions only one advisor in the changing zone is allowed. The finish area is bared out from this rule. During the CheckIn procedure we will check the Maximum Transmission of the bikes.

Finally we wish all athletes some calm preperation days, a successfull competition weekend and a lot of fun. We are looking forward to see you. Your KnappenMan-Team

The Sport Association Lausitzer Seendland - Hoyerswerda e.V. is host of the Sparkassen KnappenMan.


The triathlon union of Saxony awarded the Sparkassen KnappenMan with a quality seal. This is a prove of the high performance in organization, security, procedure and crowd kindness.