29+30August 2020

KnappenMan - the fast triathlon in Lusatia
XXL - Longdistance

Triathlon is an endurance sport, consisting of a multi-discipline of the disciplines swimming, cycling and running, which are to be completed successively and in exactly this order. The peculiarity of this sport is that a certain, fixed route with different means of locomotion as fast as possible to cover, the clock even with time interruptions such. B. the alternation between disciplines continues.

Longdistance - 3,8 km swimming, 180 km cycling und 42,2 km running: Nonstop, without a break from the swim start to the marathon finish.



Distance: 3,8 km (2 rounds á 1,9 km)
Time limit: 2,5 h
Relay age: 14 Years
Single age: 18 Years


Distance: 180 km (6 rounds á 30 km)
Time limit: change bike/run 10 h
Relay age: 18 Years
Single age: 18 Years


Distance: 42,2 km (4 rounds á 10 km)
Time limit: finish 15 h
Relay age: 18 Years
Single age: 18 Years

Important instructions

Issue of start documents
Friday, from 5:30 till 7:30 pm and Saturday, from 05:30 in the registration tent on the event area.

Competition instruction
Friday, 7pm - boathouse on the event area.

Saturday, from 5:30 till 6:45 am.

Start time
7 am single and relay

swimming - water after distance
cycling - every 30 km + own catering
running - every 2,5 km; own catering is only possible on service point 1
the points for own catering will be seperated marked.
offers: Dextro-gel, coke, water, ISO, fruits and cake

The Sport Association Lausitzer Seendland - Hoyerswerda e.V. is host of the Sparkassen KnappenMan.


The triathlon union of Saxony awarded the Sparkassen KnappenMan with a quality seal. This is a prove of the high performance in organization, security, procedure and crowd kindness.