29+30August 2020

KnappenMan - the fast triathlon in Lusatia

From a first vague idea, 27 years ago, we build a multiregional event over the time, which is not only a fixed competition in the region, but rather a nationwide event. In 1988 we started the KnappenMan triathlon in Groß Särchen at the Knappensee with no more than 50 participants. Meanwhile the competition processed through many small steps and much partners and supporters to a regional event. Insiders call the KnappenMan the "fast triathlon in the Lausitzer Sealand", because of the fast and flat course. Concerns, with the relocation from the Knappensee to the Dreiweberner See in Lohsa, a piece of the tradition could be lost, remained unconfirmed. On the contrary, on the Dreiweiberner See the KnappenMan found it´s new home, because of the support from the community Lohsa. 

FAQ – around competition and registration

Here you can find all answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the competition and your registration for the Sparkassen KnappenMan.



XXL - Longdistance

Single and Relay 
3,8 km swimming | 180 km cycling | 42 km running

Championship state saxony 2019

XL - Halfdistance

Single and Relay 
1,9 km swimming | 90 km cycling | 21 km running

M - Olympic

Single and Relay 
1,5 km swimming | 40 km cycling | 10 km running

S - Sprint + Youth A

Einzel und Staffel
KnappenMan S - Sprint + Youth A
750 m swimming | 20 km cycling | 5 km running


Single and Relay
300 m swimming | 20 km cycling | 3 km running

What matters is the retro look like thirty years ago, fighting spirit and to have punch without high-tech, but with a lot of fun. Functional clothing, heart rate monitors, neoprene and racing bikes are out of place, undesirable and taboo - slogan: „Eisenschwein“.

XS - Children- and Youthladder

Youth B  
400 m swimming | 10 km cycling | 2,5 km running
Student A
400 m swimming | 10 km cycling | 2,5 km running
Student B 
200 m swimming | 5 km cycling | 1 km running
Student C 
100 m swimming | 2,5 km cycling | 400 m running

The Sport Association Lausitzer Seendland - Hoyerswerda e.V. is host of the Sparkassen KnappenMan.


The triathlon union of Saxony awarded the Sparkassen KnappenMan with a quality seal. This is a prove of the high performance in organization, security, procedure and crowd kindness.