29+30August 2020

Big Five

With the support of the Marketing-Gesellschaft Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien mbH and the Tourismusverband Lausitzer Seenland eV, the Neisse-Adventure-Race, the Europamarathon Görlitz-Zgorzelec eV, the O-SEE Challenge, the Seenland 100 and the KnappenMan all promote themselves under the label "Big Five" for each other and the tourism and sports in Upper Lusatia and in the Lusatian Lakeland.

Who will BigFive Champion - The Teilnhame counts in all five events!

Lakeland 100

The biggest and most diverse sport event in the Lusatian Lakeland.


Europe-marathon in Görlitz

A run trough two countries with the flair of an european city: Görlitz/ Zgorzelec


O-Sea Challenge and X-Terra

O-Sea Challenge and X-Terra Germany at the natural reserve Zittau Mountains


Team spirit counts

Countdown to the 8th Neiße-Adventure-Race - the toughest and easternmost team event in Germany.


The Sport Association Lausitzer Seendland - Hoyerswerda e.V. is host of the Sparkassen KnappenMan.


The triathlon union of Saxony awarded the Sparkassen KnappenMan with a quality seal. This is a prove of the high performance in organization, security, procedure and crowd kindness.